How To Improve Your Efficiency In 2 Minutes

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This technique is really powerful. And ridiculously simple.


But when you try it I think you’ll agree it’s an immensely powerful method of increasing your efficiency and shortening your To Do List.


It was invented by David Allen, a renowned productivity expert and it’s called The 2 Minute Rule.


It works like this:


Whenever you see a new email, or a new task comes up for you to do, just ask yourself this one question:


Can I get this done in 2 minutes or less?

If you can, then do it immediately.


If you can’t, put it on your To Do List or allocate a time in your calendar to do it.


It’s such a simple technique but it really improves your efficiency, in the following ways:


1. You get a lot of tasks done very quickly- you do them as soon as they arrive, rather than postponing them

2. By doing the quick tasks immediately your future To Do List is a whole lot shorter and more manageable.

3. You feel much more in control and on top of things as you experience that fabulous feeling of getting a lot of things done.

4. If you choose not to do it immediately (as it will take longer than 2 minutes) you write it down straight away, or allocate a time to do it- both of which keep you more organized.


Try The 2 Minute Rule for a week.


I think you’ll agree that it’s one of the best business efficiency techniques out there.